Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's just pure laziness! This post is about my friend and her struggle with weight. She made her list and did well last week but she slipped up and ate something that made her ask the hated question "why did I eat that?" Today she talked about not being motivated to think about food but she wants to be healthy. She did not want to put in the time to make healthy foods. She talked about her fear of failure. I told her to go to some websites and pick out a few healthy recipe and make a grocery list. So, she did and it made her happy again about her plan.

We went grocery shopping with the list and a plan but when she hit the door of the store she lost all her excited and let her boundaries down. She complained about not wanted to wash or cut up the veggies. Cooking was out as well. She was more focused on other shoppers. It was just a bad experience for her and myself. Most of the items she picked up was already cut and washed so that made her happy. When she picked up a loaf of multi-grain bread she complained about it not being sliced already. I asked her to take out the list but she refused stating it's to much work to stick to the list. Over at the yogurt case she stood there looking so confused at all the choices available to her. She ended up picking up a fatty bake chicken, cheese, and rolled oats. Her goal was to get out of that store as fast as she could. I was in total shock.

I asked her what happen in there and she explained how overwhelming it was for her. It was almost like having a panic attack. In a strange way I was very happy to see this side of her because it answered a few of my questions.

This was pretty hard to say to her but I did because she needed to her it. I told her that her problem is laziness. She don't want to cook or exercise because she is lazy. To my surprise she agreed and ask for help. I told her that this behavior need to stop and it should be at the top of her list to fix. My friend really wants help and I feel bad for her. I explained that she could put a stop to this behavior if she would just do what needs to be done. I told her to force herself to cook healthy foods and exercise. The only chance for her is to educate herself on laziness everyday and make the needed changes to better herself.

Great workout today but I went light on the cardio because of my cold. It felt good to be back in the gym.

Today I decided to go back to school to earn other degree. The first degree that came to my heart was Philosophy because when I read the Greek meaning it blow me away "love of wisdom". There is a little fear because writing is my weakness but I welcome the challenge. Classes start in January so I look forward to my new journey.


  1. Congrats on the decision to go back to school! I too am going to start my PhD soon!

  2. Congrats on going back to school.
    And good for you for being the type of friend that can be real. I know that must have been hard!

  3. Good for you for telling your friend what she desperately needed to hear. I know it came from a caring place within you. :)