Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Binging" - I Had No Clue!

I just found out that I have been a "binge eater." I was the type of binge eater that ate on & off during the day. The foods that I would binge on in the past are on my boundary list now. My favorite food in the world to binge on was "white rice". I would cook a big pot of rice also every other day. I would leave the cooked rice on the stove and dip into it all day long. Most people do this type of dipping with ice cream but rice was my favorite. I would add butter and cheese to the rice because the favor was just heavenly. Oh, boy! Those were the days because I had no clue that I was a binge eater.

According to this is an unhealthy behavior in which an individual will eat a large quantity of food in a very short period of time. I never realized I had a form of binge eating. Having a disorder was something I never wanted to believe. But, I needed to believe it. If I did not believe it I could have never corrected my bad behavior. I have been a " binger" for many years and that is why I struggled with keeping the weight off. Well, that is all over now. No more binging for me. I am cured!

These are my promises: I will never binge again. I will never overeat again. I will never allow myself to eat foods without nutritional value. I will never eat when I am not hungry, I will never have this disorder again. I am reborn!

No more "binging"! Now I have a clue!


  1. That's a lot of promises girl! lol Glad you realized something about your behavior and are ready to change it! Good for you! :)

  2. I did the same thing with pasta...with sauce, without, with tons of didn't matter. Crazy right?

  3. I could eat the whole pot of rice too...actually when I do make any rice I try to only make a small portion so that I wont have leftovers or else I pig out on it! Its a total wake up when you realize what you are doing. I use to binge all the time...its been over a year and a half now and Im still going strong!! Stay strong!!! :)