Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. Heartburn Pill! No Thank You!

I would like to send you all that commented on my last blog a big thank you!

Food: Yesterday I added pork ribs to my boundary list. I cooked a small slab in the oven and after eating them I had to ask myself "why did I eat that?" I hate that question! I put them on the list because after eating (3 ribs) I felt stuffed, bloated, tried, and greasy. My body did not like them so they made the list. My system has changed over the past 4 months so that is why these types foods are being added to my list. I also believe that listening to my body is really causing me to stop eating these foods.

The other day I saw a heartburn commercial and the actor was holding her stomach because her belly was upset and on fire. The commercial was recommending a heartburn pill that will help stop the burn and allow her to continue eating. Well, I thought "okay take this pill that is a chemical because it will solve my problem." This is silly information. My body is rejecting this food for a reason so why continue to eat it even with the heartburn pill. No, thank you Mr. Heartburn Pill! For me I had to laugh because people will do any and everything to continue to eat the foods that the body is rejecting. One thing I have notice since I started listening to my body is that it never rejects fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, and whole grain foods. I think my body is the smart one in the house!

Exercise: I did a 45 minute step class and 1:40 minute Capoeira class. My balance and strength has improved so much over the past month. I have to give it up to my Capoeira class. This class has been a wonderful addition to my workout program. Tomorrow I have "crackgirl" weight lifting-class in the morning. I think she will go for blood because next week is Thanksgiving. It will be a kick butt class.

Question of the day: What foods have your body rejected?


  1. glad you stopped by! :D

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm the cleaner I eat the more processed stuff my body rejects

    which is good and kinda sad :)


  3. Listening to your body is so important. Your posts lately have made me pay attention to foods that give me heartburn (which isn't that often for me) or make me feel sick. The first thing I've found is that I think eating soft servce ice cream not only gives me heartburn but headaches the next day.

  4. It's amazing how your body reacts to greasy food once you start putting healthy foods in it. Oh and you work out sounds intense! Good luck tomorrow with "crackgirl" LOL!

  5. My body is not fond of greasy foods now that I have been without them for a few months. Isn't that funny how your body gets happy with your new lifestyle and rebels when you change?

  6. Fried foods. I haven't eaten any in forever. Another thing I have been trying completely eliminate, "enriched baked goods."

    I haven't eaten meat in years and immediately felt better, when I quit.