Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking in the name of Tradition and Love!

Today I baked in the name of tradition. Yes! Those are cookies but let me x-plain. Early this week I received 3 calls from three of my friends kids (young adults) asking me "are you going to bake up your world famous Christmas cookies this year? We have been waiting for them since last week. My heart went to mush because I have known these young people since the ages of 3, 9, and 12 years old. I could not believe that these kids know ages 20, 25, and 30 still wanted my cookies. They said it has been a tradition for them and they look forward to my cookies every year. So of course I could not disappoint my kids. I thought this is not about me and my diet but about my tradition that I started many years ago all in the name of love. The meaning of Christmas is my tradition that I have given to others.

My trip to the store: This time the trip was different because I thought about all the people that love my Christmas cookies and the tradition. I realized that people depend and look forward to traditions and they miss it when it's gone. So when I was tossing the sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda, butter, oatmeal and chocolate chip in the cart I was not thinking about myself but about my love for family and friends. I can not run from that.

Baking experience: At home in my kitchen I turned on our local Christmas station and pulled out the KitchenAid mixer and baking pans and start making cookies. It was the most wonderful time ever. I was really baking with love. The house smelled so good it made me think about my childhood traditions and how much I looked forward to them. It feels like Christmas now.

Delivery in the name of Love: Tomorrow I will finish baking and make my deliveries. Thanks to my kids for showing me what Christmas is all about this year.

Spa day: Going to the spa today for a 1 hour massage. I need it because my body is still sore from running uphill this week. Can not wait!

To all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm glad you baked your cookies for your family and friends! Sounds like Christmas wouldn't have been the same without them. :-) Happy Baking!!

  2. Long ago, in my other life, I used to make many pounds of fudge and dozens of cookies. I cant do it anymore. I have made fudge only once since and I knew I couldnt taste it. The smell drove me nuts though. I am too afraid of triggers. Too afraid of losing it. Glad you were able to bake for your family though ;)

  3. Enjoy your trip to the spa! Those cookies look delicious. I'm not going to be baking anything because I know I can't trust myself around the sweets. I'm sure there will be plenty at my parents house!

  4. I love tradition, too. I did my usual holiday baking and made 5 beautiful Christmas baskets for family and friends filled with baked love. :)

    Just read your last post, too. I've jogged on an incline of 5, but it's tough. I never lasted more than 5 minutes w/o starting to trip and having to take the incline back down to 0. I've given up the jogging completely. My right knee is just too screwed up. It's killing me right now, just from doing the walking on the treadmill every day. I'm hoping to get the money to get a knee brace soon and see if some added support will help it to feel better when I'm working out.

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