Friday, December 11, 2009

Shrinking Closet! Another Goodwill Run

Another "Goodwill" run! This morning was my 4th closet and drawer clean out. This time I have over 100 article of clothes to donate today. This donation is bitter sweet not because I have to give up these larger sizes but because Sunday I heard that our local Goodwill and Salvation Army shops are low on plus size clothes. This is not good for the county but if there is a need I am happy to donate.

In my area town there are less obese people but when I travel to the rural areas I see more obese people and the reason for the demand. I love my area because over 75% of the people are in shape and they appear to care more about their health. There are 6 fitness centers and the YMCA within 1 mile of my house. This area offers many healthy style restaurants and grocery stores. I think the area matters.

Sabotaging your health: My coworker formally known as "lazygirl" decided two months again to follow in my foot steps to live healthier. Her goal was to eat better (set food boundaries) and exercise. She has lost 12 pounds since late October and she looks really good. She is exercising but for the past 2 weeks her eating has been off. Yesterday, she wanted to justify her reasons for eating badly but I told her that I did not want to hear her excuses. I told her that she was a "health sabotager" (that is my new word-not in the dictionary) and I did not want to participate in the crime. Lazygirl loves to talk about her failures and she seem to have them all the time. For her, when things are going well she gets afraid and do something like eating a bag of cookies or fried tacos so she can feel good about herself. I told her that she is the most annoying person and her failures are getting on my nerves. This comment might sound mean to people who don't know me but my friends know that I love them. I am honest when it comes to life and bad behaviors. I believe if you don't know wrong that it is not your fault but if you do and you continue to make bad decisions it is up to you to own your behavior and make it better. Lazygirl knows better because of her weight reduction, higher energy level and better sleeping patterns. So when I heard that she was sabotaging her health I got angry because I care. I told her to regroup and stop with the bad behavior and come back to me in 3 weeks with a new out look on life. I also told her that she need to design her own plan because my plan is designed around my needs and life. I have owned my past behavior and my health design for a better me. Making a plan is "lazygirl" problem and that is why she named herself lazygirl. I think being lazy is one of the top 5 reasons why obesity is growing in America. So, at this point lazygirl has to make a decision not to be a health sabotager. She agreed with me and hope to stop the behavior soon.

Weekend plans: Going shopping for Christmas this weekend for my family and friends. I want to get it over with because next weekend is going to be crazy around here. I have a short list because most of my friends want my world famous cookies. I don't think it will be hard for me to bake cookies because I know the recipe very well so I will not have to taste test them. I will limit myself to 4 cookies this year. I am also making some gifts in a jar like: hot cocoa and snowy trail mix in a bag. Can't wait for Christmas!

Exercise plans: Off day today. Tomorrow running with my new stop watch that my best friend got me for Christmas. It's in my top 10 of best gifts ever. Its very high tech and it exercise my brain just to get it to work last night. Got it! Thank you my friend.

Question of the day: Do you have an all time favorite Christmas gift?

I have a few:

Orange Huffy 10 speed bike - age 12 - I had it for 1 month before some person stole it from in front of the grocery store. That was the last bike bought by my mom. It was my fault!

Metal Roller Skates - age 7 - Old school skates with the metal wheels. Scary to think about.

Tiffany necklace - age 39 - My friend bought it for me after my kidney surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The necklace is in the shape of a kidney bean. It touched me heart.

To all have a wonderful and safe weekend!


  1. Cabbage Patch doll, Nintendo?? Not really sure.
    Garmin watch I'm getting this year. Can't wait.

  2. My all time favorite Christmas gift was a kitten. My parents gave me a home made gift certificate for a free kitten, and the next day we went out and got one!

  3. Thanks for your honesty about the sabotaging thing. I like reading your blog, but may I give a tiny friendly suggestion? For readers, the white letters on black background is really tough to read (am I the only one?). The white seems to jiggle while I read making it difficult on my eyes. 8) another color for the font? :)