Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smaller Shoe Size! Flipping Off

Many things to write about today. Fatgirl appeared again!

Shoe size: Yesterday I was walking to work from the parking garage when I noticed my shoes slipping off of my feet. The walk was very hard and uncomfortable because I had to hold my shoes on with my toes. When I made it into the office I took the shoes off to examine them. The shoes appeared to be okay and they had there shape. My coworker walked in and I told her about my shoe issue. She informed me that my shoes are probably to big now because of my weight loss. I look at her like she was crazy and said please explain. She said the belly is not the only thing that shrinks. So I decided to try on another pair of shoes and found that they are big as well. I could not believe this because I have never lost this much weight. I guess it's time to buy new shoes because all my work shoes are flipping off my feet. This is very strange but it is real!

Running uphill: Yesterday I ran on the treadmill with two of my buddies for over a mile. My friend told me to run on an incline but I decided to do a little research on running on an incline before I tried it. I wanted to know the benefits of running uphill and man there are many reasons to run uphill. I read uphill running is similar to weight training. The gluts, hamstrings, and calves are the targeted muscles when running up hill. Tomorrow I will run on an incline to see how my body reacts to it.

The return of Fatgirl: So I blogged about baking my famous Christmas cookies for my family and friends this year. My plan was to bake with no worries of binging. For 3 days I went back and forth about baking. One side of me did not want to bake because of my new healthy life and the other side was like bake for the ones you love. I was being pulled in both directions and I started to feel guilty about not wanted to bake this year. Baking has been a Christmas tradition for over 10 years and I loved it up until this year. So I decided to but my healthy feelings aside and bake because it's for my friends. I went to the store and tossed apples, bananas, pears, grapes, and veggies in my cart. When I got to the baking section my heart started to beat really hard and I felt like a "dead man walking". I stopped in front of the sugar and frowned-toss in cart, stopped in front of flour and frowned-toss in cart, and I stopped in front of the chocolate chips and frowned-tossed in cart. As I was walking away from the baking sections I felt mad, depressed, and once again guilty for thinking about buying this junk food. As I turned the corner it hit me - you don't need to bake those cookies to show your family and friends how much you love them for the holiday. So, I called up Skinnygirl and she told me to grab the fruits/veggies and get the heck out of that store. I abandon that cart full of junk foods and ran out of the store after paying for the healthy foods without looking back. It felt amazing! Fatgirl was trying to come back in my life through the cookies. It was a battle that I have not had to deal with for months. Skinnygirl gave me alternatives that had nothing to do with food. My plan is to give flowers with a nice card. I realized that I am a different person this year and I can not ignore the fact that I am a healthier person. Fatgirl is not dead but now I can battle it out with her as long as Skinnygirl is on my side. I do not want to scare my blogging friends away when I talk about my battle between Fat girl and Skinny Girl but these two are part of my life. Skinnygirl is 98% me but Fatgirl is still around to cause problems. If you would like to understand my battle you can refer back to my July and August postings. It took me about a month to figure them out.

Question of the day: Have you had a reduction in shoe size?

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the day: Have you noticed a reduction in your shoe size?



  1. Wow! a reduction in shoe size, that's great. I always wanted to wear a smaller shoe size so I can fit the cute shoes. They always seem to be in a smaller size. Now I have something to look forward too when I reach my weight loss goals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have not noticed my feet being smaller...interesting!

    I totally understand your skinnygirl/fatgirl battle! Wow... We are skipping the baked goods this year. First time in my entire life that my Mom and I are NOT making sugar crap. Oh wait, she was sick one year and we skipped it, but I think this year its more for me. :)

  3. I used to have to buy 9's or get wides, but now i'm a 7-8 depending on the shoe :) It is possible for tootsies to shrink!

    Even though you make cookies every year, maybe it's time to introduce a new yearly activity :)

  4. Yes, my feet have shrank considerably after 60 lbs. lost. I can actually see bones in my feet now!

    Maybe you could make some healthier baked items if you are compelled to make people something but I think everyone loves flowers too.

  5. I haven't noticed my feet getting smaller yet.

    You're more disciplined that me with the cookies. I allow myself to eat whatever I want, but in moderation. It's the only thing that will keep me going. :)

  6. No shoe size loss here, but at our WW meeting last week, many people said they had. Apparently it's rather common.