Monday, December 28, 2009

I did the crime so I must do the time!

I did the crime so today I had to do the time! This morning I woke up feeling a little larger around the waist. Since I tossed my scale out I had to try on a dress that fit very loose last week. Well, the truth was revealed - a 1 inch waist increase from last week. It wasn't just the cake and ice cream that caused my waist to increase but all the other good stuff and the lack of exercise over the past 2 weeks. My legs and arms did not gain so that made me pretty happy.

I did not feel bad about my increase because I have a healthy plan and outlook on weight. So I decided to go to the gym this morning for a run and this evening for a weight lifting class. I am back on track and I feel totally in control . It's about growth!

Eating this week: I have cut my calories back and returned to my food boundary list. This morning I had oatmeal with dried blueberries and lunch was a turkey sandwich with spinach. I have no problem returning to healthier foods. I realized that my weakness was in the portion control area. I have to admit that my overeating caused my waist increase but I believe by reducing my calories and exercising my waist will decrease within one week. I have work to do!

Exercising this week: This week exercise will consist of 2 weight lifting class, 2 cardio classes and 1 Pilates class. Next month I want to continue to work on my core so I will schedule plenty of classes that focus on the belly.

Question of the day: How did you do in the portion control area? Did you notice a weight gain?

I would like to thank you all again for being my blogging buddies. I wish you all success in 2010 and many years to come. We can all do it!


  1. You can do this girl! Way to write out your goals!

  2. Great! Your back on track and that's all that matters.

    As far as my portion control.. it went right out the window when it came to deserts, LOl. But I'm back on track this week. It happened and I'm over it, LOL.