Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Scale Is Trash Again! Tossing It Out For Good

Today was a lovely sunny and cold day. No rain or power outages in my area. All the down trees and other debris has been removed. The day started and ended on a very happy note.

Putting the scale in the trash: Today I want to talk about how important it is for me to stay off the scale. This morning I woke up feeling very skinny so I decided to jump on the scale. It showed weight (muscle weight) gain of 5 pounds. I was numb to the number because I new the weight was not fat. It was from muscle because of my two weight lifting classes per week. But, what if I was not aware that my body was heavier because of the muscle. I would have been crushed so that is why I don't rely on the scale numbers. My clothes tell me all that I need to know about my weight. My clothes are still falling off and I look so lean and tall. Lifting has been the key to my success. So I tossed the scale out for good. It's out of my house and my life. It's not needed anymore. The mirror will tell me. My family and friends will tell me. The scale is trash and is not my friend!

Exercise today: Lifting was good today with all the lunges. My instructor went off again on us like a crazy women. OMG! The lunges and squats hurt so bad. All the folks in class had mean faces but we all pushed hard.

Exercise tomorrow: My run day. I am going for that mile again. Doing a few sprints made the routine tomorrow. My friend is going to run with me. She is a skillful runner so I will have a little competition. I have seen her run for over an hour so she will push me.

Eating factor: That area is going very well. I am not sure what to eat before and after a run so if you guys have any suggestions please share. A coworker told me to eat carbs before my run and protein after the run. My plan is do research it tomorrow.

2010 Vacation: Very excited because in March I will be sailing off on an 8 day cruise to Mexico. This is not my first but it feels good to have something really cool to look forward too. The difference about this vacation is, it is not an incentive for me to drop weight like it has been in the past. My health and life was the incentive for me to go on my journey. It feels good!

Monthly awareness: Living a healthy life has to be for you. No other person or thing should be my motivator. Realizing that I had to design my own workout and eating plan for it to work was key. Yes picking up a diet book or magazine was the easy way but it was not my plan. This has been an experience for me and my life is better for it. It's about owning it all.

Question of the day: Have you had an awareness since your journey begun?

Thank you all again for being my blogger friends and leaving comments. Your comments help me on my journey.

Take care and have a wonderful week!


  1. love this post from the running today (cheering you on virtually from TX) to the fact that living healthily MUST be for you.

    I frequently harness my daughter as motivation (wanting to live longer for HER) but it would not be enough on its own.


  2. I think it's so important to measure your success by your health and not the scale. Good for you!!