Monday, December 7, 2009

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor winds, nor snow could keep me from the gym but the power outage did!

According to the singing group Tony!, Toni!, Tone! - "It Never Rains in Southern California" well let me tell you. Today we had rain, sleet, wind, snow (San Diego mountains about a 40 minute drive) and wind. The temperature is about 53 degrees. This heavenly mess started around 3 a.m. and has not stopped one time. The rain at times was coming down in sheets. We all looked and felt like Mr. Birdie today!

There has been over 300 car accident report and 300 that has not been reported. All day at work I could hear people screaming while running to their cars. The emergency services have been running back and forward all day. If I sound like a complainer please believe I am not but this city only see rain about 6 days out of the year and most of the time it comes down at night. We need the rain and I have enjoyed watching it from the window. Thanks to heavens for bringing us rain but why a power outage.

Rain vs. Gym vs. Power Outage: Okay, I was not going to allow rain, sleet, winds, or the snow keep me out of the gym today. My mind was on it and ready for it until it happen. The 'Power Outage' 30 minutes before my class. All the lights went out in the area and the gym is not on a back up system. I, no, no. It took me a moment to come back to myself and move to plan B. I decided to go home pull out my jump rope and 8 pound weight and exercise. It was fun and after that I hopped on the couch for a rest. I think the power outage was a blessing because I needed to get off the road so it all workout for the best. Lesson learn is always have a plan B & C during rain storms.

My 20 crunches before bed: I have been doing 20 crunches before bed for about 4 days and let me tell you that my abdominal are getting strong and my belly is flatten out. I am shock how fast and easier the routine is getting. Tonight my plan is to do 25 + 1 for the road.

Loving the runner in me: Saturday I was so excited about my run. My plan was to run 8 minutes without stopping and I did that plus more. I ran a mile in 17 minutes. I walked about 4 minutes of the 17 and I sprinted 3 minutes as well. I love sprinting and it was easy. Running is my new love. Side Bar: The shoes are working out great. No shin splints or blisters. These are the best shoes ever. My next run is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Exercise tomorrow:
Weight lifting

Question of the day: How do you stay motivated to do exercises during the winter months?

Thanks for your feedback!


  1. Girl you are really kicking butt!! SO much dedication and motivation, it's wonderful!!

    For me, the winter months are a little harder for me to get motivated to exercise. I'm currently doing exercise tapes in my home and it's realy been working out. I've also purchased a Wii Fit so I'm looking forward to using that soon.

    Oh by the way, I'm pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Accounting.

  2. Great job! Glad the shoes are working for you!
    Winter months - I exercise at home to stay warm. LOL Hubby likes it colder and the "new" me gets cold really easily.
    Crunches, pushups, treadmill, other ab work are all GREAT for the winter.

  3. I just don't give myself a choice.