Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Life On Paper! New Month,New Plan

New month comes a new plan. I went back and forth on how to tackle the month of December. My first plan was to overload myself with double class per day but I thought that would be real crazy so I tossed out that plan. My second plan was to design each week around a workout theme like: 1st week would be all about cycling, the 2nd week week would be all about boot camp, 3rd week would be all about aqua and so on. I have to say that it sound good in my head but it looked crazy on paper. So after destroying a few trees I decided to keep my workout this month very simple. My plan was to focus on basic workouts that included agility training at least once a week. I also wanted my plan to be manageable for the upcoming holidays.

My life on paper: I am a true weirdo but I love to see my life of paper. Putting my life on paper holds me accountable to living life. I like to divide my life into 3 categories: exercise/health, social, and future. You might notice that exercise/health comes first because when my health is good that means my social life and future will be good as well.

My workout plan:
Monday-Core Central x 4 days per month
Tuesday-Weight Lifting x 5 days per month
Wednesday'-Yoga/Pilate's x 5 days per month
Thursday-Core Central x 3 days per month
Saturday- Agility Training x 3 days per month-includes:line and z drills, sprinting, jumping rope

My monthly exercise goals:
-reduce my waist by 4 inches
-increase weights
-15 minute abdominal workout before bed
-improve speed
-improve stamina

My monthly food goals:
-continue to control my portion sizes
-limit my cheese intake
-add new vegetable per week
-add 1 meatless night per week

My monthly pamper goals:
-2 deep tissue massages
-4 hour day at the spa - Christmas present to self

My monthly social goals:
-Christmas plays
-Flower photo shoots
-Fun with friends and family
-Continue to blog

That is the plan for month. I like it!

Question of the day: Do you have a plan for this month?

I would love to hear your feedback! Have a wonderful day.


  1. I'm a big planner myself. I love crossing things off a list, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. The plan you put together is progressive, but achievable. I love, love, love the idea of adding some pampering-I'm a massage therapist so of course I love that you are getting massages!

    I'm your newest follower!

  2. You are just too good!! That's why I LOVE your blog!! I mean you got everything planned out so well, and that's why you are successful. I don't have a plan laid out like this, but after reading your blog I will have one, LOL!! Thanks!

  3. Looks like you have a great plan there. I like to plan my life out on paper too. I'm forever making calendars and lists!

  4. I like your food goal of going meatless one day per week! I do video recipes for meatlessmonday.com and they can give you some great ideas! Good luck :)