Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Respect for Food! Letting My Boundaries Down

Wow! You guys like to run. I really enjoyed reading all your comments and I feel more inspired to continue running. I am still on a runners high so thank you all again.

Today I woke up and felt the new runners pain in the back of my legs. It was a good feeling and my legs felt toner and stronger. I actually wanted to run again this morning but I don't want to over work my body. Taking time off is important for the body and I have to remind myself that every once and awhile.

Massage Day: The nice thing about today was my scheduled 1 hour deep tissue massage. It was what the doctor, the mother, the father, and the holy spirit ordered. Sorry for going a little crazy for a moment. Heather is her name and she was amazing. She massaged every sore spot that I had right out of my body. When she was done I felt no pain at all. She used her entire body to work the knots out. I recommend you guys find the time to treat yourself to a massage at least once a month. You guy deserve it. I am a member of Massage Envy and I have to say that it is the best investment that I can give myself. The membership is $49.00 per month and that includes 1 prepaid massage per month and any additional massage per month cost $29.00 each. The massage techs are good but it took me about 3 months to find Heather. It's a great way to pamper yourself on a budget. I also treat myself once a month to a Vichy Shower and massage at one of the local resorts. Now, the Vichy Shower is the very best and very relaxing. You will feel clean for about 3 days.

A.M Workout: Today was my weight lifting class. The instructor focused on toning the butt and legs. I don't want to think about doing squats and lunges until next week. Tomorrow is an off day.

Ice Cream - You'll Scream: Yes! I must admit to all my blogging friends that I did it. I let my food boundaries down and had 1 cup of chocolate ice cream w/nuts. It was not a moment of weakness or emotional eating. I just wanted to enjoy the taste of ice cream for 20 minutes. This was my first taste in over 4 months and yes it was really good and so amazing. It was a little sweet but that is because I have been off of sweets for a long time. The difference this time is that I had no guilt and after eating it I was satisfied. I instantly thought "I don't need to eat ice cream again for another 4 months". I love this feeling, eating without shame! This is a true sign of healing and respect for food.

Question of the day: How do you pamper yourself?

Thanks again for all your comments. Have a great and safe weekend.


  1. I love that you had ice cream and enjoyed it and moved on.
    when I (FINALLY) got to that point it was such a victory for me.

    and indulging? PEDICURES. good lord I love me some pedicures :)

  2. Maybe thats my problem. I dont think I deserve pampering. Something for me to think about.

  3. Since I am a licensed massage therapist I may be a little biased, but I think treating yourself to a monthly massage is such a wonderful gift to yourself. When I used to practice, I saw a lot of people who would give themselves the gift of a massage after completing a 5K, 10K or even a marathon. It's nice to treat yourself, especially after accomplishing a goal. Whether it's a massage, a new pair of jeans or just a new shade of nail polish, it's important to tell your self that you deserve to be treated well.

  4. Oh I love massages! I just feel bad for the price of them...adn I dont want to go to a stranger. lol I like pedicures...and frozen yogurt. :)

  5. I like pedis and manis as a treat. LOVE massages but they are not in the budget currently.

  6. Everything tastes so much better when there's no guilt involved! Don't think I could go 4 months w/o ice cream though!