Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Climb with a Fast Fall!

Big Thank You: I would like to thank you all for commenting on my shrinking shoe size. You guys confirmed that I was not crazy after all. I can not believe I was a lady with fat feet. Fat finds the strangest places to call home. Once again thanks!

Uphill running was a downhill struggle: Today I found out how hard it is to run uphill. I set my treadmill on a 4 incline level and started the run. Let's just say, I was down after 28 seconds. The incline kicked my butt and took me out for the rest of the day. I think I have met my match in the exercise department. Running uphill is a major challenge and I want it to be part of my workout routine next month. After my uphill down fall I decided to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes without stopping. It went very well. I ended my run at a mile. My next run is scheduled for Friday.

It's time for me to rest my body so I will end here.

Question of the day: Have you tried running uphill?

To all have a wonderful day!


  1. I have no tried running uphill on the treadmill yet. I'm still working on running- period! But that sounds like such a hard workout and I'm sure it really does work those muscles! Great job!

  2. I run bridges. It sucks at the time, but after wards I feel GREAT! Like I accomplished more in a shorter amount of time.